Festa Delle Feste (Feast of Feasts) – Enjoying the Holidays – Natale – part 2

Natale (Christmas) can be summarized in three words: food, family and love 🙂 🙂 🙂



As always, Christmas in Italy starts very early! After a drinking an espresso and enjoying some of the biscotti cookies I made the day before, I finally had time to document all the different things that were going on at home.

My sister Raffy made some amazing appetizers.  They are little “pancakes” made by matching different kinds of flavors and textures, the result is a perfect mix of taste and colors that creates something unique every year!

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The main dessert of this year was a carrot-hazelnut cake with a cream cheese frosting and pomegranate on top.  It was as amazing and delicious as it looks 😛2016-01-09_0018 2016-01-09_0019 2016-01-09_0020

One of my favorite moments was when my sister Carolina arrived from Milan and everybody started exchanging gifts!!

Living in San Francisco makes it very difficult for everyone to spend time together, this is why it is so important for me to spend this holiday at home.  There is nothing better than enjoying each others company with a good glass of wine, a great food surrounded by the warmth from the fireplace.2016-01-09_0022 2016-01-09_0023 2016-01-09_0024

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There are no words to describe the feeling of happiness, this is why I love photographing this day.