Festa Delle Feste (Feast of Feasts) – Enjoying the Holidays – part 1

The holiday season and the most wonderful time of the year has come and gone.

Every year, I spend this holiday season together with my family.  And as every year, I love to share this amazing time in Italy, documenting this experience with pictures of these beautiful days.

torta carote exp


This year, I was a little bit extra busy.  Not only because I wanted to document all the food that came across our Italian kitchen, but also planning my own wedding made everything even more busy and exciting!!

I was lucky enough to receive this homemade cheese from Bergamo (in Northern Italy) and I couldn’t to resist to photograph this before eating.  It was perfectly matched with some some pears and walnuts…so yummy!!!2016-01-08_0002

These are my vegan brownies.  I discovered the recipe last year in San Francisco and they are great!! The are made with coconut flour and mixed with dark cocoa powder to give a unique touch, very tasty!!2016-01-08_0007

You can see the Christmas cookies that are my favorite! A mix between white chocolate, walnut and cookies with a raspberry jam and fresh raspberries on top.  Absolutely my favorite!!2016-01-08_0003

I always spend Christmas Eve baking “biscottini”, small Italian cookies.  It is a tradition and I really enjoy it, even If I spend two days surrounded by sugar, butter, flour and chocolate 🙂 I like to keep the best flavors over the years and introduce new ones.  The new ones for this year are pistachio, lemon and ginger and pumpkin combined with almond…they were delicious and everybody really enjoyed them!

2016-01-08_0004 2016-01-08_0005 2016-01-08_0006

It’s an hard job but somebody has to do it 😉