Ciao, I’m Lilly! I’m an internationally-acclaimed wedding photographer based in San Francisco, California and Lake Como, Italy.

I was born and raised in Italy and have travelled globally to over 25 countries. I embrace the culture of the location of my work. I grew up surrounded by the arts and chose photography as my primary creative outlet. My work is inspired by an approach that is rooted in design and fashion, and focuses on creating vibrant photos with editorial feelings but that remembers the emotional connections between us.

I found photography as a long lost calling. I always had this passion to grab my camera and photograph my adventures and the beautiful nature and scenery around me. Photographing my first wedding in Italy changed me. I fell in love with this creative pursuit and positive energy that I chose to only focus on the things that brought me happiness. I left my job and my home and ventured out in the world to pursue my dream with all of my efforts.



Together we can climb mountains. Together we can brave the storm. Together we can stay warm in the rain. Together we can inspire each other. Together we can collaborate. Together we can create. Together we can be ourselves. Together we can get lost in the moment.