I am a professional wedding photographer.  I am a wife and I am a mama to a big bear dog called Peppa.  I found photography as a long lost calling.  I always had the passion to grab my camera and photograph my adventures and the beautiful nature and scenes around me.  Photographing my first wedding in Italy changed me.  I fell in love with this creative world and positive energy that I chose to only focus on the things that brought me happiness.  I left my job and my home and ventured out in the world to pursue my dream with all of my efforts.

I am always inspired by the beauty of the great outdoors.  I love being surrounded by nature.  I am Ethereal in my photographic style.  I want to create a connection with you.  I see your soul and person.  I travel around the world for my work.  I live in the magical city of San Francisco.  I was born and raised in Italy.  I miss my home and family.  I love my life in California, where I can speak English with my Italian accent.  If I am not with my camera in my hands, then you can find me baking a torta, an Italian style cake.

My photography service is not complete unless it is with my second photographer husband.  He can see what I see.  He knows the style and scenes that complement me.  He knows where to be even before I have to tell him.  And documenting love with the person you are in love with makes everything more satisfying and meaningful.


I love to create an emotional connection with you. It is fundamental that we to know and understand each other to help you and me to create a bond.  So that on your wedding day, you’re being yourselves, photographed by a friend.  Everything is simple, it’s your day, all you have to do is enjoy your time.

You are fun-loving and adventurous.  You love walking and hiking different landscapes.  You are excited about treading off the beaten path.  You show your emotions and feelings.  You smile, laugh and cry.  You know that things can and will go wrong.  You know that our best times come when we least expect.  You know that when one door closes another opens.  You dance, even when people are watching.  You aren’t afraid to be yourself when others are looking in.  You love what you have and appreciate what you don’t.  You live the life with passion, enjoy every single day.  You love the details that make your everyday life unique.


Together we can climb mountains.  Together we can brave the storm.  Together we can stay warm in the rain.  Together we can inspire each other.  Together we can collaborate.  Together we can create.  Together we can be ourselves.  Together we can get lost in the moment.

Photo Credit: Erin and Gabri