Hailing from Miami, FL, Kristen and Enrique were introduced to each other by friends. After having rejected him outright on their first meeting, Kristen slowly came around and eventually succumbed to Enrique’s many charms. Rather than celebrate in Miami, the couple chose the spellbinding beauty of Big Sur as their setting.

Diane Allen, the founder of Big Sur Weddings, and her team organized a relaxed and elegant affair. Presiding over a decade of experience planning occasions in the Big Sur and Carmel area, Diane has assembled a dedicated and talented group of wedding professionals. For Kristen and Enrique, the majestic natural beauty of Glen Oaks Big Sur fit their vision. 

A relaxed and unabashedly celebratory rehearsal dinner was held at Big Sur Bakery. Nestled in a rugged natural paradise, family and special friends gathered together and enjoyed some al fresco dining with an array of charcuterie, fresh salads from the Bakery’s garden and of course their speciality breads and wood fired pizza. The celebration was the perfect kick-off to set the tone for a memorable ceremony and reception at Glen Oaks Big Sur.

With 50 of their closest friends and relatives housed in the array of charming and cozy cabins that are part of the Redwood Grove, the couple could celebrate in an intimate and meaningful environment. The stunning natural scenery was the perfect backdrop for guests to connect to the natural surroundings and each other. 

The ceremony was held in the Redwood Grove under a canopy of gentle giants. The redwoods surrounding the area have been there for centuries; a spectacular metaphor for and witness to eternal love. Afterwards, everyone gathered to enjoy some of nature’s edible offerings amid the protective gaze of the trees. Edith Meyer created the double-tiered wedding cake and Christine Cater designed the accompanying florals to create the elegant, earthbound and sensuous stage, just as the couple wanted it – “natural, organic, elegant.