• Do I need to sign a contract? What are the payment terms?

Yes, of course! This way I am confirming that I am officially reserving your date for you and only you. This way you are confirming to me that I am your photographer and we can start taking the next steps together. The contract is viewable and can be signed online :) A 50% retainer is required at the time of signature to hold the date and the remainder is due one month prior to the wedding.

• How many hours will you be at my wedding for?

A typical wedding is about 8-9 hours of coverage, more than enough hours to cover all the parts of the day, from the getting ready to the dancing :) But each wedding is similar yet different. About two months before the wedding, I’ll be sending you a questionnaire to fill out. This will help me to better understand the wedding day and I’ll use those answers in preparing a photography timeline of the day, that will help keep us organized and on time for everything. Check out my collections for more details on hours of coverage.

• Do I need to give you a photography shot list?

A photo list isn’t needed, I’ll already be capturing the details of the day that includes bridal, groom, florals, decor, venue, etc.

I will send you a questionnaire and part of that is understanding your specific wedding better. I will ask for family and group photo lists so that we can breeze through them. Please make everyone aware that they are needed for photos...it can be very tough to get everyone together once they've spotted appetizers and the open bar!

If you have any unique ceremonies, special guests or something you really want a photo of, please tell me! Otherwise I have no way of knowing :)

• Do you need to eat on the wedding day?

Yes, please! And ideally served at the same time as when you both eat. This way I can shadow you two and don’t have to worry about missing anything. When you’re done, we’re done, and everyone is set and ready to go.

• How long does it take to get the photos? How many will I get?

Photos are delivered in about 6-8 weeks and you can expect about 60 photos/hour. I spend time curating and color correcting each photo so that story and vibes fit together. The final photographs will be uploaded to an online gallery in high-resolution jpeg. From there, you can download and share as you like. They will be available online for 1 year.

Don’t worry, you’ll have a sneak peek a couple of days after the wedding!

• Do you travel?

All the time! I’m based in San Francisco but I am a destination wedding photographer at heart. I spend a lot of time in Italy and whatever is left bouncing around the world…Mexico, Greece, Spain, France, Costa Rica. Check out my travels.

• Have you ever been to our venue before?

Sometimes I have and other times no, there are lots of beautiful places to get married. I will always be scouting the venue before your wedding day ever arrives. I need to make sure that I'm 100% confident and familiar with the location and to find any hidden spots that may get overlooked. I could never show up the day of and not give you my full confidence in what I'm doing. Yes, this is even true for destination weddings.

• Do you have a second photographer?

All of my collections include my second photographer. This allows me to better capture and document the events of the day.  With two of us, we can be in different places at the same time and also provide alternate perspectives.  My husband Vic is also my 2nd photographer and he is an excellent compliment to my style.  He can also read my mind in capturing scenes and he knows where I need him to be.

• What is your photographic style?

Editorial. Ethereal. Effortless.

• Can you make me taller? Can you make my butt look smaller? Can you photoshop that?

First, I love you for who you are and so should you. All of the delivered photographs are digitally edited for exposure, color correction, tones, and crop. If you want to be taller, wear heels :) If you think your butt looks big, I have an excellent cardio and stair routine that should help. If you want me to photoshop everything, I may not be able to help you. If you want advanced editing for a handful of photos, there is an additional charge because I need to send the photos to a lab. I'm an awesome photographer and I want to spend my time photographing you as you are, not creating a version of you that isn't true to itself.

• Do you photograph any details?

Yes, of course! There are lots of details throughout the day that I capture. The day starts with bridal details (dress, shoes, rings, jewelry, invitation suite, etc.) and groom details (suit, shoes, watch, cuff links, etc.). There are lots of venue details and also those of the ceremony and reception. All the little details throughout the day get captured :)