Joanna and Zach’s union was about celebrating their love in a unique place, tucked away in Amalfi Coast among the gorgeous architecture and winding streets of the area. For many brides, the wedding is about designing the event around a central vision, and that’s what makes it unique. Having that guiding light that drives decision-making is what makes a wedding so utterly unique and special. The couple knew they wanted to be surrounded by the distinct landscape and architecture of the region. The venue, the decor and the photoshoots after the ceremony, made it clear from the beginning that there was a definite theme in place. The couple chose remarkable locations around the Amalfi Coast, known for their timeless beauty. 

How they met

The couple met in 2014 in downtown LA, at a birthday party where both were there by happenstance. The meeting at the party was by chance, an encounter neither planned for but happily pursued as their relationship built slowly and organically. Both Joanna and Zach have demanding professions; as an attorney and engineer, respectively, it can often be challenging to spend time together traveling and experiencing new places. A small and private wedding ceremony in the Amalfi Coast allowed them to do just that and explore all the beauty the region has to offer. Four years after they first met, Joanna and Zach wed in a small and intimate ceremony, to celebrate their journey as a couple together with their closest friends and family.

The details

Working with Italian Wedding Planners by SposiamoVi, Joanna and Zach’s event had a clear vision, and our photography aimed to capture the special moments that emerged. From the beginning, they were attuned to the fact that the venue had to be unforgettable. It was about finding beautiful architecture, a truly stunning space that would make the perfect backdrop for the event. 

The Grand Hotel Convento fit the bill perfectly for this occasion. It was unique, visually interesting, and had the perfect blend of architecture and history to celebrate the event. Plus, it was a dream to photograph. Using drone photography and on-the-ground shots, we were able to capture those special, fleeting moments that make up a wedding. 

The dramatic courtyard, the white floral arrangements throughout the ceremony, and the elegant setting made it just perfect. The bride wore Netta BenShabu and Grace Loves Lace for the ceremony and photoshoots, each with delicate lace and beading that made the dresses special. Paired with simple accessories, Joanna’s look was chic and elegant with a touch of modern.

Sunset and sunrise photoshoots 

The day after the event, the couple chose to do a sunrise session in Atrani. A charming small town in the Amalfi Coast, it was the perfect location for the shoot since it’s a short drive from the coast, and has stunning architecture and landscapes. Atrani’s sunny climate and views made the sunrise session an incredibly memorable shoot, and it was a great way to capture that particular blend of newlywed bliss right after the ceremony. 

Following this, Joanna and Zach took a sunset boat ride to Positano for a separate shoot. Positano is iconic, and its views of the Mediterranean and the gorgeous slopes and houses make it an excellent choice for a photoshoot. Steeped in history, Positano has been a dream place for many and one of our favorite locations for photography. Famous author John Steinbeck spent a lot of time in Positano, and what he wrote about the town still rings true: “Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.”