A mini-workshop + photoshoot where we will create epic photos to build your portfolio.

MARCH 18, 2019

only 5 spots available.
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The BIG CITY, where dreams come to life and anything is possible. Come join me for a fun evening of photographing in NEW YORK CITY. See how I work and understand what it really takes to get those inspirational and epic photographs that will leave your potential clients wanting more.

This is a portfolio building opportunity for you to create some awesome photography content for your business. Show your future clients what you’re capable of.

What if you stopped comparing and competing with others? What if you focused on yourself to become a better you and found your own voice? What if instead of saying I wish I could be like others you could say I am proud of myself? Creating content is such an important part of becoming you because you get to showcase the full power of your your creative side + you have material that you can use for your portfolio.

But how do you even start to organize something like this? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered! For the first time, I am launching The Mini Red Lab!

MINI. It’s a mini-workshop + photoshoot. We get to spend a few hours together. It’s a place where you can learn and then directly apply those skills to a photoshoot. You walk away with more knowledge and photographs to use.
RED. Because that’s my last name, Redaelli.
LAB. This is your safe place to ask questions and try new techniques. Learn something, put a new spin on something old, and push yourself now so that you’re prepared later on. It’s an opportunity to connect with other photographers to build your tribe. We’re all in this together.

Come join if you’re looking to get some valuable insight on how to make your own photoshoots come to life. Learn how to drive and direct your couples to get those in-the-moment photos. Learn to style and give your photos an editorial edge. Walk away with some awesome photography content and portfolio and some new friends.

This is for photographers. Bring your camera and your questions. This is a group session with only five spots available so that we’re small and intimate. All the photos you take are your own.


  • 1 hr meet and greet + Q/A
  • photoshoot with a beautiful couple in NYC (dress, 2 epic locations, couple all included)

$399 $349
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sold out!