To show one of Rome’s most powerful ancient city symbols in the background, The Colosseum, was our dream come true.

A colossal and challenging dream, almost three days of searching for the most powerful and inspiring location during Rome’s Holy week. We went around the Colosseum, then up and down Via dei Fori Imperial, over to Piazza di Spagna and then back to the Colosseum again. Giving up was Christine Cater, the floral designer from California, and I were determined to find the right inspiration. Completely loved the help from our Italian planner Camilla Cascino, her local-girl knowledge, was invaluable. We all agreed the stunning Bo and Luca dress from Loho bride of Los Angeles would be perfect at the iconic Colosseum.

On the third day, after lunch and shopping (much needed to clear our minds), we saw it, a little green hill on a side of the Colosseum with the perfect perch for our model. Each angle, carefully curated for a glimpse of the awe inspiring Colosseum. All the attention was on our beautiful model Ottavia holding a bouquet made by Christine.

That Rome sunset golden light on Ottavia gave us all goosebumps. Framed by two life size palm leaves, she stood as a proud Roman Commander’s wife. It was like she was coming back to life to show us her beauty in her wedding gown, she was divine.

She walked with the old ruins in the background as if this was her home. She was confident in her place and through this creative team that believed in the vision of embracing the eternal city.

Creative Team
Photographer – Lilly Red Creative
Florals – Christine Cater
Planning – Camilla Cascino
Dress – Bo and Luca
Dress Atelier – LOHO Bride