Ciao, I’m Lilly! I’m an internationally-acclaimed wedding photographer based in San Francisco, California and Lake Como, Italy.

I was born and raised in Italy and have travelled globally to over 25 countries. I embrace the culture of the location of my work. I grew up surrounded by the arts and chose photography as my primary creative outlet. My work is inspired by an approach that is rooted in design and fashion, and focuses on creating vibrant photos with editorial feelings but that remembers the emotional connections between us.

I found photography as a long lost calling. I always had this passion to grab my camera and photograph my adventures and the beautiful nature and scenery around me. Photographing my first wedding in Italy changed me. I fell in love with this creative pursuit and positive energy that I chose to only focus on the things that brought me happiness. I left my job and my home and ventured out in the world to pursue my dream with all of my efforts.


I'm the behind-the-scenes of Lilly Red aka Lilly's husband/business partner/2nd shooter. I wasn't born with a camera in my hands but my creative spirit comes from being inquisitive and figuring out the little details that makes things work well.

I was a licensed professional electrical engineer and used to work all around the world. That was supposed to be what I worked for and what I wanted but it was work that lost it's meaning. Through fate and chance, and helpful friends, I met Lilly and my eyes were opened to beauty around us that I was missing.

I left my electrical engineering career to work with Lilly full-time, we both put all of ourselves inside what we do and love it.


I’m Rosa! I was born in Jalisco, Mexico and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Always drawn to artistic endeavors, I studied graphic design with a minor in photography. Aside from weddings, which I have been photographing professionally for over 7 years, I also spend time capturing film of my family - especially my adorable newborn nephew. I would describe my personal photography style as joyous, dynamic and organic.

It may seem like a contradiction but I consider myself an introverted extrovert - I’m both con-templative and gregarious. If I had to choose three words that best describe me and my per-sonality I would have to say empathetic, bubbly and loyal. These characteristics also inform my work and how I relate to clients. Generally, my “ideal” client would be down-to-earth and kind - and definitely a travel bug like myself. They would also value and respect cultural differences and be curious and honor nature and our environment. From an aesthetic standpoint, I typically connect with folks who appreciate quality over quantity and who prefer the simple and tasteful over the ornate. Since my family is very important to me, it’s critical that my clients also value family and friends. When these personal values and qualities mesh, the creative process and final outcomes are not only more authentic but visually stunning as well.

My favorite musician is Beyonce and my bucket list travel destinations include Bali and Thailand. More recently, I traveled to Kyoto, Japan, which totally captivated my heart. I’m thrilled to bring my creative energy and wanderlust to the team at Lilly Red!