Finding the perfect dress is about finding something that resonates with you, that makes you feel incredible on such a special day and brings out what you love best about yourself. Boho chic dresses can be the perfect choice, since it’s a bit more of a free-spirit style but with a dash of curation. The boho chic aesthetic is about incorporating elements of hippie style such as light fabrics like cotton and linen, but adding a bit of structure to elevate it. Lace is also a big part of the style, with more antique and vintage style patterns as an added touch to boho style clothing. For fashionable and chic brides looking for something a little magical, here are some designers you absolutely must look at.

Each of the designers included have that special boho-chic aesthetic when it comes to wedding dresses, and every gown is imbued with elegance and grace to create a truly unique garment. These brands are focused on creating beautiful and elegantly crafted wedding gowns, but also showcasing beautiful fabrics and using gorgeous details like lace pearls to really elevate their designs and stay true to their bohemian roots. 

Rue de Seine

Michele Corty, founder and designer of Rue de Seine derives inspiration from the Parisian neighborhood Saint-Germain-des-Près and the effortless bohemian style of its free-spirited residents. Each wedding dress is designed with that same creativity and passion that can be seen along the streets of Saint-Germain-des-Près with a healthy dollop of that quintessential Parisian charm. Rue de Seine’s wedding gowns are lovingly crafted with the utmost of care, with all production taking place in-house. 

Michele Corty and her team of designers, cutters, machinists, and quality controllers work tirelessly to create stunning gowns under meticulous standards, ensuring that each bride gets the best experience. All of the lace used in Rue de Seine gowns are designed in-house and exclusive to the brand, making the dresses even more unique. Each dress is a masterpiece, designed for brides that embrace and celebrate their bohemian spirit.

Daughters of Simone

These are wedding dresses designed for the vagabonds, the hippies, the restless spirits and the wanderers. Daughters of Simone create stunning bohemian style wedding dresses for boho chic brides that create an amazing silhouette. Their design aesthetic is based on the conviction of free spirit, independence, and creativity. Each dress is crafted with care and an immense focus on details. Whether it’s the soft silky fabric, crochet lace detail or the unorthodox spirit of the gown, there’s always something that makes their garments so special.

Founded by sisters  Ashley and Brittany Castanos, Daughters of Simone pays tribute to French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, a free spirit in her own right.  Their brand is all about showcasing the resilience of the female spirit, and staying true to the ideas of freedom and originality.  Silhouettes are inspired by gowns from the 1970s and made primarily from silk and crochet lace. Each style is studiously examined for fit and design and can go through multiple rounds of revisions to get it just perfect for each bride before going into production. There is an immense amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each gown and it really shines through in each of the designs by Daughters of Simone.

Atelier Zolotas

Atelier Zolotas is a heritage Haute wedding couture brand with an esteemed history. A Greek brand established in 1972, each dress is infused with a sense of pride for its origins and history. A family-run brand, Atelier Zolotas has remained committed to high standards, impeccable designs and unmatched creativity, especially in their latest collection, Hellenic Vintage. Fusing history with modern design, Atelier Zolotas is about connecting past and future to create truly unique gowns.

There is clear workmanship and craft that goes into each gown, and to make it unique to the bride. Inspired by bohemian Greek summers, Atelier Zolotas focuses on the boho-chic bridalwear that’s about clean silhouettes and subtle details. Their designs are all handmade, fusing modern design with craftsmanship to create incredible boho chic wedding gowns that are one-of-a-kind and thrilling to experience. 



Immaclé’s design aesthetic is all about timelessness. Their boho chic wedding gowns are about bringing in fabrics like tulle, silk, and lace to create a dress that is inspiring, elegant, and delicate. Immaclé creates gowns that have a vintage feel with a bohemian touch, and are almost like a story. There is a fair level of personalization that goes into each gown, making it a truly collaborative process between designer and bride to create something meaningful and special.

Based in Spain, the brand uses details like pearls and embroidery to bring a special touch to gowns, while creating powerful silhouettes. And with bolder touches like ruffles, fringes and puffed sleeves, brides can choose dresses that reflect their personalities while staying true to the boho chic aesthetic. 


Grace Loves Lace

Established in 2010, founder of Grace Loves Lace Megan Ziems is on a path to change wedding gowns. Truly embracing the boho chic lifestyle, Grace Loves Lace focus is on changing the structured and traditional gowns that are often seen on brides and evolving gowns to become more special and unique. Balancing quality and price, Grace Loves Lace is rooted in the idea that comfort and style go together – no bride needs to sacrifice one for the other. Each gown is luxurious and stylish, while still remaining high-quality. And rather than go for typical details like corset, boning, structure or restriction, 

Grace Loves Lace is about making a gown that fits your story and something more personal. Their boho chic wedding gowns feature a signature stretch fit, and are meticulously handmade in their Australian headquarters before being shipped out. Through ethical handmade manufacturing and luxury lace, Grace Loves Lace fulfills its brand name to create truly unique wedding gowns. Offering both Made-to-Order and Ready-to-Wear collections with high-quality French lace, their gowns stay away from the status quo. Brides carve their own path, embracing the modern bride and bringing some rebelliousness to the mix to create boho chic wedding gowns. 

With each of these brands, their passion and dedication to their craft shine through. Each of these companies are dedicated to creating luxurious, handmade gowns that balance their design aesthetics with the needs of modern brides. There’s a level of collaboration and insight from the bride that goes into creating these one-of-a-kind gowns, to really infuse the bride’s personality in these wedding dresses and craft something beautiful. Finding the right boho chic wedding dress is about finding a designer that resonates with you, that has the same passion that you do and really understands what you’re looking for. The boho chic wedding dress designers in this list create truly beautiful garments, but also take an immense amount of pride in the quality and design of their work and it really shines through.