When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.

Arrigo Boito

It was an animalesque affair in the woodlands, like it was taken out of a storybook. When I saw Sara’s masks for the first time, I immediately fell in love with her. So cared for, special and original. I wanted to use them in some way. They immediately reminded me of the woods, the animals, the nature and an almost fairytale atmosphere. Autumn is definitely the season when the woods are in their full splendor, warm tones, the leaves falling like snow. The reds, yellows, chestnuts and dark greens, here is the palette that I dreamed of using and that combined perfectly with the masks. I wanted them to be the protagonists of the photoshoot, which told the story of the happiness of two future spouses (swans), surrounded by the dearest friends (the animals of the forest).   We did not want the usual ceremony, but we wanted to tell another little part of the day: the rehearsal dinner, made of celebrations, lightheartedness, friends and good typical Tuscan food. Tuscany, the region we have chosen, that we are so used to seeing only with its hills covered by vineyards and olive trees, can offer other sides, made of woodlands, streams and enchanted views and we wanted to show them.

Everything is set in a perfect combination: the masks, the forest, the dinner. And here, slowly, all the details came together in such a natural way. An old water mill immersed in a small valley in the woods, which today houses a charming holiday home, was the perfect location, where we organized a typical outdoor dinner under the stars, on a gastronomic journey through the typical Tuscan flavors. The old barn where wheat was milled was perfect for hosting the table and the party, the colors of the stone walls were in full harmony with the palette we selected. The future spouses, friends, everyone with their own mask for a rehearsal in full forest theme.   That’s why we also wanted the wolves, the undisputed kings of the forest, which were the extra note that we wanted to add to emphasize the theme even more. We asked Chiara to realize floral decorations in a mix of flowers, autumn fruits and branches taken directly from the forest to ensure that there was full continuity. The small band of the village was involved to ensure that the air of the party was breathed and the food helped to make it more convivial and real.”

For the table setup, we used a piece of carrara marble with vintage silver cutlery. The place card was a yellow leaves, each handwritten in gold with the name of each guest.

The guests were invited to dress up in vintage attire that represents the theme of the woodlands, everything followed our late season, where the colors change and we start to see the shorter days. Our bride to be was wearing a double piece white dress. The groom he was wearing a sand suit handmade in Brescia (a town in the North of italy) and he was wearing a black swan mask to match her future spouse.