The Ultimate Styled Shoot Guide



Ciao! My awesome friend!

Just two years ago, I had finished my first fully booked wedding season. And this was after I had gone through some really big life changes. I left my job and family behind in Italy and moved across the world to San Francisco with my husband. And I know what you are thinking: I should have been feeling satisfied, right? Wrong! I was missing something and my business didn’t feel right. I realized something, I was super busy in my wedding bookings but I was taking any and all clients that came my way.

  • I was getting burned out and depressed. I was seeing so many awesome and inspiring weddings on Instagram and online blogs that blew my mind. And I wanted to be photographing those weddings.
  • I wasn’t getting all the clients or the kind of work that I wanted.
  • I didn’t feel totally satisfied about what I was doing.

And this was driving me crazy.

I knew I would never make it through my next wedding season like this.

And that really scared me.

Now I’m able to travel the world with husband (who quit his job and works with me full-time) for international weddings in the most epic locations. I’ve found a way to connect with clients that resonate with me and I’m able to use my photography as a way to create art with my camera. It doesn’t hurt that I get paid top dollar for my work.

And the best part is that I finally love what I do.

But getting there wasn’t easy. I had to completely rethink my approach to my work and my business strategy. Yes, it is fundamental to have bookings and to be getting paid for our work. But don’t forget that it’s also equally important to be working with the clients you want, that make you excited about what you’re doing.

I was thinking back to my first fully booked wedding season and remembering about those weddings where I had to sit back and go wow, “That was fun. I wish all my clients were like that”.

And that’s when it hit me.

Why did I only have to be excited about some of my weddings every year? Why couldn’t all my clients be like my favorite client? I finally had my “ah-ha” moment and everything made sense: I needed to attract the clients that I want.

Being unsatisfied in my work was an opportunity. It was the chance I needed to reinvent myself and feel inspired again. If I wanted to work with only a certain type of client, I had to figure out a way to attract that person to my work. And I needed a tool to make that happen.

That’s where Styled Photoshoots completely changed my business.

A Styled Photoshoot shows clients what you can do by way of a “mock” wedding. You create a photoshoot for real couples, as well as wedding industry professionals, to be inspired by. These sessions will often include all the components of a typical wedding day: make-up and hair styling, boudoir, first look, ceremony, reception—and, most importantly, the wedding details (venue, flowers, and table settings) and even a theme. Instead of it being a real couple getting married, however, models are hired to pose for the pictures.

Styled Photoshoots are powerful for allowing you to create curated content. It doesn’t matter at which stage of your professional life you are, either. Whether you are just starting out or have been doing this for years and want to reinvent yourself, or even if you are satisfied with your business and feel like trying something new, the content you create can then be shared and published to give your work more visibility and exposure.

But it’s not only about creating content with the goal of getting potential clients. Styled sessions also allow you to connect with people in the wedding industry and identify potential partners for you in the future. In effect, collaborating with these individuals in virtual settings lets you see how they might work in real weddings. And, if all the various styles and personalities align, you can be confident in referring these professionals for future events, and vice versa, thereby growing your businesses together.

And the most important lesson of all: Styled Photoshoots lead to real clients and paid work.

Does this sound like you?

  • “I haven’t actually done a styled shoot and it would be nice to have a foundation to build on during my off season!”
  • “I’ve been struggling to find a healthy mix between my portraits/weddings & fine art. I know how important it is to curate your work from art school, but I’ve struggled adapting it into my portraits & wedding work.”
  • “I’m ready to up my game and try something new for my biz.”
  • “Wanting to add a flair to my already configured style and change it up with some good advice and tips!”


The Ultimate Styled Shoot Guide

The step-by-step guide for wedding industry professionals (planners, stylists, florists, and photographers) to target their ideal clients and break out of the crowded pack to win real work.

  • An 87-page guide with the exact steps from start to finish to plan and execute your own styled photoshoot so you can create curated content that resonates with your ideal client
  • Samples and templates to follow with collaboration emails, vendor lists, model release, Pinterest board, mood board, storyboard, shot list, timeline, cost sharing spreadsheet, and full gallery
  • How to create a concept and set the style so that all the vendors are on point and following the same vision
  • How to push yourself and go beyond your comfort zone so that you can grow and not get lost in the crowd of “standard” or “good enough”
  • How to build your dream team, even if you think they are out of your league
  • Where and how to find the perfect model couple that will make your clients see themselves and want to work with you
  • How to get a designer dressmaker to loan you their $8000 wedding dress
  • How to land your epic venue that is going to be reposted on Instagram
  • How to build a budget and share costs including what common expenses typically cost
  • How to build your shot list and timeline so that you guarantee success on the photoshoot day without wasting the best natural light
  • How to increase your chances of getting published and how to stand out among the other 400 submissions that blogs receive every week
  • How to maximize the visibility of your photoshoot so that it gets reposted and shared
  • Common questions and answers including where to get inspiration from, how far in advance to start planning, how to stand out in saturated market, how often I get turned down from vendors, and more

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If you’ve read every page, gone through every worksheet and followed these steps and still feel lost, I’m so confident that you will succeed that I’ll provide you a 1-hour complimentary mentoring session to get you back on track.

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You have the power to re-invent yourself, work with clients you want and be happy in your work. Win the work YOU want and get PAID to do it. The Ultimate Styled Shoot Guide is here to show you how to create the curated content that will let you attract your ideal client and bring your business the visibility and credibility you need to take the next steps forward.